The Association for Entrepreneur and Vocational studies Professionals of Nigeria is a professional body dedicated to the promotion and development of science and art of Entrepreneur and vocation for nation’s growth in Nigeria, its Diaspora and the world at large.

Registrar General/CEO

Samuel Bamisaye Ph.D Registrar General/ CEO

Bamisaye Samuel Olusegun is presently the CEO and Secretary to the council of Association for Entrepreneurs and Vocational studies Professionals of Nigeria. He is also the Registrar General of College of Entrepreneur and Vocational studies of Nigeria. Samuel is a Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration with specialized field in Entrepreneur from Alders-gate University Philippine. He earlier clinched DBA in Business Analysis from Newton Hills Business School USA and also bagged Professional Doctorates Fellows in Commerce, Facility, Project management, Entrepreneur and Vocational studies Professionals. He is MSc holder in Management from ECOTES University and MBA in Human Resources Management from University of Calabar. Prior to that, he obtained B.Ed in Business Education, PGD in Entrepreneur and NCE in Physics / Mathematics. In his quest for more knowledge, he clinched a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Religious Studies from Tansian University, Anambra State and PGD from Redeemed Christian Bible College.

Samuel is a Chartered Commercial Administrator who possesses ability to restructure and build small and medium businesses with over 17 years of experience as an Entrepreneur. He was the West Africa Regional Director for Africa Investment Solution, a consulting firm in South Africa (AIS) and a managing partner with Best Innovation Consulting Company in Nigeria. He is the President of College of Foreign Languages, Creative arts and Commerce and also the Director of Studies for Chartered Institute of Commerce of Nigeria and Ogun state Coordinator of the Institute. Samuel is a member of many professional bodies and chambers of commerce,

Samuel is a highly inspired Worship Leader, Composer, Artiste, Bassist, and Keyboardist; A Creative arts and management Professional, Mentor, Business Coach, Teacher and Management Consultant. He had traveled wide across many countries. He has to his credits: Two albums and a book titled Music for Everyone. He is a man with many awards and articles in International world Journals. He is happily married and blessed with children.



Must be able to demonstrate a high degree of efficiency in the utilization of both human and non-human resources. This is applicable to the employers and employees in organization and private practitioner in the field of Entrepreneur and Vocation.

A professional Entrepreneur and Vocation Practitioners must be able to exhibit at all times. Clear and high standard of loyalty, honesty and be fraud free to his employers ,employees and his clients if he is in private practice.

Members should at all time tender selfless services to the members of the business community and the government of Nigeria, the Commonwealth and the United Nations.

Members must always try as much as possible to apply Entrepreneur and vocation terms to solve economic problems to achieve results.



Conditions for Membership Registration

Student member is the lowest grade of membership. All persons to be registered as student of the Institute must hold any of the following qualification:

  1. GCE/SSCE O’level in five subjects as Credit Passes including English Language and Mathematics.
  2. ii. RSA or WAEC Business Studies Certificate (five passes at Credit Level) including English Language and Mathematics.
  3. CEVSN Intermediate Certificate/Qualifying Results with five Credits including English Language and Mathematics.
  4. NABTEB Certificates (Intermediates with five Credits) including English Language and Mathematics.


Associate Member of the Institute will be granted to those who have completed the Professional Examinations of the College. Associate member of recognized professional bodies by the Institute, HND/B.Sc or its equivalent with three years of work experience are also eligible.



To qualify for the grade of member, candidates must hold either or all the following qualifications:

  1. Associate with five years of working experience
  2. Post-graduate Diploma of the College of Entrepreneurs and vocational studies of Nigeria.
  3. First Degree in Management, Social Sciences or other relevant discipline
  4. Other Professional Qualifications of the same level.


  1. Membership with at least seven years of working experience
  2. Masters Degree in Management, Social Sciences or other relevant discipline
  3. Other Professional Qualifications of the same level.


This class of fellowship (F.A. E.V.P)) is a distinguished award usually granted by the executive Council.


  1. Doctorate Degree (Ph.D) or PDF/DF/DBA holder in Management, Social Sciences or other relevant discipline or its equivalent
  2. It is also granted to members with track records


  1. The Artisans:This is open to all skilled craft workers who make or create things by hand such as welders, electricians, mechanics, bricklayers, plumbers, carpenters, technicians, tilers, etc.
  2. The Professionals:This is available to all professionals such as Accountants, Architects, Doctors, Bankers, Lawyers, Engineers, IT Consultants, Nurses, Financial Planners, Investment Managers, etc
  3. The Executives:This is available to all Secretaries, Managers, Supervisors, Administrative Officers, Sales Representatives, Executive Assistants, Managing Directors, Chief Executive Officers, etc.


  1. (a) Self reliance and be your own boss
  2. (b) Productivity to yourself and nation’s growth
  3. (c)Advancement and promotion in your work place.
  4. (d) Consolidation of your businesses with prestige and Increase in your net margin
  5. (e)Improve your business for better

Membership of the Institute is growing daily. It carries a great deal of benefits. These include receiving Institutes Journal, "Commercial Education International and other publications. The use of Institute's ties, badges and stickers. The Association offers opportunities for business connections, nationally and internationality. Our periodic seminars, conventions, symposia, oversea travel-business trips, all at reduced fees, expose members to business opportunities and broaden their management ability.



The Corporate membership of the Institute is open to corporate bodies and institutions of Higher learning that prepare candidates for our Examinations. Companies that engage in the distributive trade, manufacture, agriculture, the banks

and financial institutions, chambers of commerce, fishing industries, the service industries such as management and business consultancy, advertising and public relation Practitioners etc. are qualified to join the Association Corporate Membership.


  1. GRADE 'A' Companies with staff strength of 250 and above with heavy balance sheet sizes shall be registered into category 'A'
  2. GRADE 'B' Companies with staff strength of between 100 and 250 with big balance sheet size
  3. GRADE 'C' Companies with staff strength below 100 with reasonable balance sheet size


Corporate members enjoy tremendous benefits from the Institute. The Association constitution as a medium for exchange of ideas on the practice of entrepreneur and vocation, and as such trade formation both foreign and local are passed to corporate members free or little charge.

The Manpower Development Division also engages in the training and re-training of personnel of members as well as manpower recruitment services free or with little charge and students Internship for practical attachment.

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Award ceremony of Dr. Kalejaye and Dr Ayodele

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Award ceremony of Dr. Kalejaye and Dr. Ayodele.

I want to say thank you to everyone that was able to make today's award ceremony, and also to those that wish but circumstances beyond their control could not let.

God's only was glorified as we had a wonderful session of conferment of Dr Kalejaye J.T as Global Patron of this Institute and Dr. Ayodele Olusola as National Patron.Thank you all one more time as we all look forward to another powerful national conference coming up in October 17th 2019. God bless

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The Association for Entrepreneur and Vocational studies Professionals of Nigeria

As a professional body with examination board, we conduct examinations or other suitable tests with the objects of raising the status of those practicing Entrepreneur and vocation to high professional level and to certify their competent and award.

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