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What we do?

We develop CEO's at various level for nation's Growth. We are passionately driven by one cause, making Entrepreneurs Self - Sufficience and live enviable life with their families


Membership of the Institute is growing daily. It carries a great deal of benefits. These include receiving Institutes Journal, "Commercial Education International and other publications. The use of Institute's ties, badges and stickers.

Business Opportunities

Members of the Association are professionally competent and capable with integrity to discharge their duties and thereby have the potentials of getting businesses through both local and international partners.

Corporate Membership

The Corporate membership of the Institute is open to corporate bodies and institutions of Higher learning that prepare candidates for our Examinations. Companies that engage in the distributive trade, manufacture, agriculture, the banks


When entrepreneurship students all over the world seat for a Professional examinations, they have two things in mind a. To further their education and attain professional recognition, and b. To secure links that will make their businesses

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The Association for Entrepreneur and Vocational studies Professionals of Nigeria is a professional body dedicated to the promotion and development of science and art of Entrepreneur and vocation for nation’s growth in Nigeria, its Diaspora and the world at large.

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  • Samuel Bamisaye Ph.D
    Registrar General/ CEO